Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Days #7 thru 10

I started out great guns about being thankful everyday, but as usual, I lost my groove! I must admit that since our election, I have been a bit down about some of the results and have not felt like being transparent and sharing my thoughts. But today, I am trying to get back on a positive note, so if you will bear with me, I want to "catch-up" before the month is over and share some things that even when our future is uncertain and our spirits are down, we can be glad about! Day #7 - I am thankful for my Youth Group. I was asked earlier this year to lead a Youth Group at my church. Of course, I can't say no! The children I am working with are so good and thoughtful and fun. It makes my Wednesday evenings a joy when I get to spend time with them. Day #8 - I have already mentioned my Girl Scout sisters, but I want to specifically mention how thankful I am for my own troop of girls. They have great ideas and make me laugh every week. It really does keep me young! Day #9 - I am thankful that my Mom and Dad live so close to me. "The Old Fart" had stroke and a heart attack a day apart almost two years ago and everyday I am grateful that he is still here with us. He may not be able to do everything he used to, but his humor is still intact and we all need to get used to his new "normal". Day #10 - I am thankful for my Mom. "Endora" has had her own health issues and becoming a caregiver for your spouse is not easy. Most days she gets through it with a smile. I am glad she is close by to help with my family and I am glad we are nearby to give her a break when she needs one. More thankfulness to come!

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