Saturday, December 31, 2011

20 minutes left of 2011

Wow - I can't believe that 2011 is almost over.
This has been a rough year for my family. Just over a year ago I went back to work full-time outside of the house. With that brought adjustments for my time as well as my children not having Mommy all to themselves which is still taking some getting used to.
The same week, my Dad - "The Old Fart" - had a stroke and then a heart attack. It threw my whole family into turmoil in the weeks and months that followed. It was touch and go for a long while, but he is still with us and is working toward his independence everyday.
In August, I lost my Papa - my Grandfather. He was a career military man who was an awesome testament to his generation and his family. He was a loving husband, father and grandfather and I miss him every day.
My parents moved and now live just four doors down from me! It is an excited change and I am so glad that they are nearby. Now if I can just get my brother and sister to move closer!
My husband changed locations at work and with that brought an even crazier schedule which I am still trying to get used to. He didn't think he would like it at first, but now he is able to let some of his strengths shine, and I am so proud of him!
So, 2011 might not have been the best year, but I know I have grown as a person in countless ways and I am still here to tell about it!
I hope that you and yours have a wonderful New Year!