Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daniel Fast - Day 1

In an effort to "be prepared" - I stocked up on lots of summer produce. The biggest obstacle in this new eating plan is making sure my children get their fill of their favorite fruits and still leaving me enough to eat!
All three children had a dentist appointment this morning, so for a quick breakfast on the go, I grabbed a banana. I normally don't eat in the morning, so for me - this was huge! Calorie count = 105
At about 10 am, the kids were clamoring for a snack and I was noticing some stomach noises coming from me! So I made a plate of celery sticks with natural peanut butter (peanuts & salt, no sugar!) (112 calories), a handful of cherries (74 calories) and an apricot (17 calories). Calorie count = 203
In the afternoon, I had 6 oz of fresh raspberries. Calorie Count = 64 calories
For dinner, I ate a cup of brown rice and lentils (224 calories), roasted corn on the cob (77 calories), roasted veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, onions, mushrooms = 162 calories). Total Calorie Count = 463
Total Calories for the Day = 835
I have been drinking nothing but ice water and lost count of how much I drank after I hit 96 oz. According to my reading, for my weight I should be drinking 117 oz a day. I think I accomplished that today.
The calorie count seems really low, but I based it on averages provided by a few different online calorie counters. I haven't really been hungry. That worries me a bit as I don't know what the coming days will bring.

Weight Loss Goal

One of my resolutions this year was to finally lose all the "baby weight" I have been carrying around. My youngest son will be 6 in September, so I can no longer use the excuse that "I just had a baby"!
My best friend and I are the same height, same build and have the same goal weight. We decided to embark on an interstate weight loss project. To date, she is kicking my fanny. BIG TIME!!!!
I have 80 pounds to lose. 8-0!! That is a huge number. It seems really overwhelming so I am focusing on the first ten pounds. When those are gone, I'll take another babystep.
I am the type of person that needs that jumpstart.
Today I am starting the Daniel Fast. This eating plan is based on the story of Daniel and his refusal to eat meats, wine and other "pleasant foods"during 21 days. It is a plant based diet. So lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains, beans and WATER!!!
So I hope to chronicle my experience with this fast / diet. I am also going to re-commit to getting up before my family is moving in the morning and have some quiet time for me!
Obviously, weight loss is about so much more than just food. You need to move too. So I convinced one of the "other Jennifers" to get a membership to my gym and we are going to work out together. I just need to get there!!

Mid Year Ramblings

2010 has not been the year I had hoped it would be.
In January, I turned 33 and did not have a light bulb moment. I had hoped that by this age, my path would be clearer or at least more defined. As it turns out, the twists and turns on this journey are still as confusing as they ever were.
In March, my oldest turned 9. NINE!!! When did that happen and why? She has grown into such an interesting person that sometimes I wonder where she came from and how she became MY daughter.
In March, I also lost my Grandmother. She suffered from COPD as well as some other health issues. She declined pretty rapidly in the last few years, but you are never prepared to hear the news that a loved one is gone.
In June, my husband lost his Grandmother. As a family, we lived with her (and my in-laws) for three years before she moved back to Chicago to live with her other daughter. I feel so blessed to have spent that time with her. It wasn't always fun, but I am glad that she got to know me and my children.
So far this year, in addition to the losses, we have had financial trouble (hasn't everyone?), plumbing issues, appliances break, car trouble, you name it! It seems like as soon as one crisis passes, another one erupts taking its place.
Unfortunately, my story isn't unique. We all have issues in life that we must deal with. To often, the people around me think I am a dumping ground and use me to vent their frustrations with life. Yes, your life is horrible. Oh, that is terrible. All the platitudes they want to hear to be justified in winning "My Life Sucks Worse Than Yours" title.
Guess what, I am taking myself out of the running for that title. I don't want it. Yes, I have challenges. Yes, I am extremely busy. Yes, I have three children and a husband and a house to run. Yes, I volunteer crazy hours. Yes, money is tight. Yes, my family all lives 2,000+ miles away and I have little support from the ones who live 20 miles away. So what? I deal and life goes on.
"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure" - Peter Marshall