Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Budget

I have been trying to figure out if I have a theme to my blog. I guess one would show up if I wrote more often wouldn't it??
If you don't know me in real life, my passions (beside my family) is creating a frugal, comfy home where all of my family and friends feel welcome. My Particular Harbor - get it?
So I wanted to share with everyone how I try to do this - not always successfully, but I try!
We have a really tight budget, a mortgage payment and three kids.
My DH brings home about $500 every week after taxes. I am not sharing this to gain sympathy, just trying to be real in what we deal with.
Our mortgage payment is $1200 a month
We pay $368 in utilities. This includes our electric bill, water, phone, DSL and satellite TV
I spend about $75 a week on groceries but I am working on cutting that down.
We used to spend about $80 a week on gas, but that number has been going up!
As you can see, there is little room for extras! We have been contemplating the decision for me to go back to work so that money isn't so tight.
BUT - I feel like going back to work right now is just exchanging one set of stressors for another.
We'll see what happens in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My big boy is 5 today!

Ryne turned five today! Where has the time gone??

It seems like just yesterday, we were waiting for him to hurry up and get here and now he is counting down to kindergarten!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Donkey Tales

That was the name of tonight's program at church, put on by our Children's Ministry. All three of my kids were in the performance.
Ashleigh loves to perform and does really well. She comes from a line of drama queens, so it is natural to her!
Ryne liked to sing a few of the songs, but he got bored with sitting up on "stage" pretty quicklly!
Sean happened to be sitting front and center in the chorus group and spent 1/2 the time picking his nose, yawning or waving to the audience! What a HAM!!!!
I get to take them back to church in the morning for two more performances. We'll see if we all survive......

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lots Happening!

I have been acting like a hermit for the last two months. I have been overwhelmed by some personal and family stuff - financial and health wise and I am now declaring that time over!

This past week, I kicked my butt out of the house and went to MOPs for the first time in six weeks! We only have one more meeting before we break for summer. I decided to go ahead and volunteer to help with the Steering Committee next year and it looks like I am going to do the finances!

Wednesday, I went to an info meeting about the steering committee and had a chance to get to know some ladies that I have only seen in passing. And I got to spend some time with Kristina - who I think is my long lost twin. She would be the good twin of course!!!

Wednesday night, we started going back to church for the Wednesday night activities. Ashleigh is involved with the dance group and the boys each have a room upstairs where they learn about different bible verses, sing and do crafts. Sean was an angel this week (finally!) but Ryne refused to participate in ANYTHING. he just sat there! Oh well, looks like my Ryno is more of a wallflower than the other two!

Thursday we went to my ILs for a quick visit. Jeff's Grandma was in town for two days and I completely spaced about it on Wednesday! (I am a horrible granddaughter!) So the boys and I went to see her after we took Ashleigh to school. She is 91 and keeps telling me that this will be her last visit, yada yada!

Friday we went back up to the church to attend a Steering team meeting to check out what it was like and to help with summer plans. The boys played in another room with the other Committee members kids. They were some of the older ones there, but they had fun - and were well behaved!!! Yay!

Saturday, I went up to church again for a gathering of the Women's Circles. They are trying to get some "new blood" and start some new circles. They haven't done any new ones in 20 years! I have some ideas of the type of group I would like to see formed and join, but we'll see what others want too!

So I am making an effort to get out there again! And to get on here and write about it!