100 Things for 2014

A new year, and with it 365 days to make a difference in my life and for others.  I am using the workbook and planner from Leonie Dawson again.
Some of these items have been "recycled" from last year's list.  Either because I wasn't able to complete them, or I did complete them and I have decided to revisit them or "up the ante"!
So here goes - and I will update this page as I go, so please keep me accountable!

  1. Finish 215 certification - started this last year, but I will complete it this year!
  2. Take state board exams and get my insurance license
  3. Go on a date night 12 times - Hubby and I have both re-committed to doing this.  And running errands doesn't count!
  4. Run a 5K in less than 45 minutes
  5. Eat breakfast - seems silly, but I usually don't eat until lunch time!
  6. Learn to make cheese
  7. Submit writings for publication
  8. Bake 100 loaves of bread
  9. Wear a bikini, in public - I may have lost my mind with this one, but I will get there!
  10. Run 3x a week - I have multiple running / health / weigh related goals that all hinge on this one!
  11. Finish 2 embroidery projects
  12. Send birthday cards
  13. Learn to SCUBA
  14. Make homemade pasta
  15. Take pin-up photos
  16. Build a solar oven and cook 10 meals in it
  17. Wear a fun hat to church - I told our Pastor about this one, so I will HAVE to make it happen this year.
  18. Ride a horse
  19. Learn how to knit
  20. Blog 5x a week - either here or my other blog Cluck's Kitchen.
  21. Learn to roll sushi
  22. Save $5,000 - almost made it last year!
  23. Sew a quilt
  24. Swim with dolphins
  25. Fit into a size 14 or smaller
  26. Be able to do 100 push-ups
  27. Go to the beach 3x
  28. Run a 10K - I am already registered for one in November.  Gotta get busy!
  29. Learn more about herbs and medicinal uses
  30. Go to a UPick Farm
  31. Build & Launch a rocket
  32. Read 25 books - I know I can have this one complete in a short time, but I needed to have at least one goal that was easy!
  33. Keep a journal - the blogs and Facebook don't count.
  34. Learn to use a sewing machine - just bought a new one!
  35. Go hiking
  36. Do the splits!
  37. Have a tea party
  38. {PRIVATE}
  39. Moisturize - I am horrible about taking care of my skin!
  40. Plan and go on 10 camping trips - Our big family Christmas gift was a camping trailer.
  41. Get monthly massages - joined a lifestyle club at a local spa.  I have already put this into practice. Self care is so important!
  42. Train for a HALF MARATHON - Disney January 2015.  This time, I will complete it and get my medal dang it!
  43. Generate $2,000 per month in extra income
  44. Zero e-mail inbox daily
  45. Out of bed by 4:30am on weekdays
  46. Complete 6 timed races
  47. Complete a 1,000+ piece puzzle
  48. Complete the LOVE DARE - I can't seem to get past Day 3.
  49. Make my bed every morning.
  50. Host 2 dinner parties
  51. Plan a girl's weekend
  52. Lose 100 pounds - Yes, I really need to lose that much.
  53. Pay down debt - almost there, just hospital bills and the mortgage are left!
  54. PRAY - I don't do it as often as I need to.
  55. Plan an anniversary trip
  56. Incorporate Yoga into my routine
  57. Get CCP.
  58. Plan weekly menus - This used to be a habit.  I have lost my cooking mojo over the last year or so and need to get it back!
  59. Make a workable, flexible schedule - My hubby's work schedule is unpredictable and now that I am homeschooling all three kiddos, we are working toward a good balance of schoolwork, household jobs, fun time and extra curricular activities.
  60. Write an E-book.
  61. Pierce something
  62. Go kayaking / canoeing
  63. Raise chickens
  64. Complete a 30 day Daniel Fast
  65. Take a cruise
  66. Plant a berry patch
  67. Buy myself flowers
  68. Install rain barrels
  69. Can 400 jars of food
  70. Get a tattoo
  71. Donate to the Food Pantry 6x
  72. Monetize blogs
  73. Re-do the kitchen
  74. Cook 20 meals per week
  75. Make a fairy garden
  76. Dress to the shoes everyday
  77. Get my hair done 4x at a salon
  78. Research Genealogy
  79. {PRIVATE} - Not quite ready to share this one yet, as I know that many well-meaning people will chime in and I don't want to hear it!
  80. Plan an out-of-state road trip
  81. Wear dresses for 30 days - I did this a few years ago and loved it!
  82. Pay off timeshare
  83. ASK FOR HELP - Yes, still working on this one.  But, the last few months have taught me who I can ask, and who I shouldn't.  The answers surprised me.
  84. Expand gardens
  85. Go to the library twice a month
  86. Collect seashells
  87. Build a train landscape
  88. Get a new car
  89. Spending freeze for 30 days
  90. Take a trip by myself
  91. Create a meditation space
  92. Sleep outside, without a tent
  93. Pamper myself everyday, even if it is just a bubble bath
  94. Go to a water-park
  95. Use the good china 12 times
  96. Make web videos
  97. Go to Dry Tortugas
  98. Watch the sunrise 12 times
  99. {PRIVATE}
  100. Go camping / on a trip with just hubby and me

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