Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How did I get here? Part 2

If you haven't checked out Part 1, you can read it here.

So my second child has just been born.  I am living with my in-laws with my husband and a two-year old and a newborn.  And I just started a new job. Nothing in my life ever seems to be simple!

The new company was cool. We did interactive marketing pieces.  Every project was different.  The people in the office were all very nice.  We were a creative bunch and it was always a lively atmosphere.
I had a bit of a commute, but the company just really expected everyone to get their stuff done, whether it took you two hours or two days.  There was little micro-managing.  It was a great place to work.
I was approached after a few months about changing my work hours.  I was originally hired on as a full-time employee but business needs are cyclical in the industry and we had a bit of a dry spell.  I crunched the numbers and we were able to make it work. It was supposed to be a temporary fix. I worked Tuesday through Thursday and went in if needed on Mondays.  It worked well for us as my husband had been promoted and was working evenings and weekends.  We still didn't see a lot of each other, but our time together was precious.

After six months with this company, we hit a bit of a snag. A few things happened within our family that forced us to re-examine our daycare and work situations.  My Mom watched both children during the hours my husband and I had overlaps in our work schedules.  It provided us with free childcare and I never had to worry about my children while they were with Grandma.
Well, my parents were moving out of state.  Due to my Dad's job situation, they were selling my childhood home and buying the house my Dad grew up in. In Nebraska.  So not only were my parents leaving, we were losing half of our support system.
At the same time, my boss came to me and wanted to increase my hours back to full-time.  With the loss of our childcare help, it was going to be almost impossible. I agreed to stay on with the company until they found my replacement. I would provide training for that person's first week.

I was starting to panic about bills a little when I got a call from one of my vendors.  I remember picking up the phone and hearing, "What the heck is going on? Why are you leaving?" I explained what was happening, how I needed to have a part-time job, closer to home, a flexible schedule, etc. That wonderful man said, "Transfer me to your boss, I have something to ask him." Basically one of my vendors, offered me a job which met all of our needs!

Days before I was to start my new job, just as my baby was turning six months old, just as my parents were packing up the house they had lived in for twenty years, we found our we were pregnant.

I was so nervous about telling my new job that I was pregnant.  What if they rescinded the job offer? How should I tell? When should I tell?
It turned out to be a non-issue.  When I told my new boss on that first day, the only thing he said was, "Congrats! When are you due?"

His reaction was not the norm.  Most people in our families and our circle of friends were appalled that we were having another baby.  Two children was respectable, three was a litter.  People asked if this was an "accident".  I like to think of my youngest as a surprise.  The difference being that if I had to live it all over again, I would want that surprise every time!
The lack of support from family and friends was so hard.  I think I can count on one hand the times we were congratulated.  Most of the time people lectured us on the many forms of birth control available, or wanted to know if we were "done".  We were told that it was inappropriate for anyone to host a baby shower for us.  So there was no celebration of the pregnancy, except by my husband and myself.

Three kids in less than four years of marriage. It was a wild ride, but it is only the beginning!

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