Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daniel Fast - review and new goals

In my last posts, I wrote about doing the Daniel Fast. Let me just say, the first day was a little difficult, but after some recipe searches and a little planning, it got easier.
In 10 days, I lost 8 pounds! I would have lost more if I was exercising regularly and if I didn't allow myself to "cheat".
During the week of my Fast, we had company in from out of town and my hubby took some time off so that we could play. On the days we packed our our food, I just packed my foods and some extra fruit. On the days that we ate out, I allowed myself to eat what I would have before the Fast. I mean, let's face it, who can go to Fuddrucker's and not eat a cheeseburger? It would take a stronger woman than me!!
I would like to eat more like the Daniel Fast food list. I already do a lot of cooking from scratch and we eat mostly "real food" around here. I think the biggest obstacles for me are cheese and bread!
So next week, I am going to modify the Daniel Fast for me -and yes, I know the point of the Daniel Fast is not weight loss, but a spiritual journey. However, I am using it as a guideline to help me meet some of my fitness / weight loss goals.
Here are the "rules" I am giving myself:
1. Eat at least two meals a day that adhere to the Daniel Fast food guidelines ( for those of you who commented to me that I was severely limiting my food intake - think of this as a vegan diet).
2. I will workout at least 30 minutes a day and change it up!
3. I will cut back on the soda - oh my bubbles!
4. I will try my best to be in bed by 11pm every night.

I think these goals are totally doable. My life is about to get even crazier as all three children prepare to go back to school - my baby is starting kindergarten! Girl Scouts is starting back up and I am either going back to work outside the house or going back to school. Add that to all the various homemaking duties, personal goals and all the other stuff a Mom has to do and my plate is very full! As long as its full of the good stuff, I think I will be okay. :)