Sunday, January 1, 2012

Big Plans

There is nothing like a new year to motivate you to set new goals. Its almost as exciting as the first day of school!

The hubby and I sat down this morning and worked out our budget going forward. We have a goal to pay down some debt and to set aside more into savings. We are using a combination of Dave Ramsey and Mary Hunt with a little of our own plans thrown in for good measure. The good thing about our plan is that we have agreed to sit down once-a-week to review our plan. This is huge for us as our schedules are so insane!

House Projects
We also sat down and made a list of all the little projects that need to get done. We went room by room and made notes about what we wanted to do from painting to patching holes. There isn't a crazy amount of stuff, but we'll hit it a little at a time.

Children's Routines and Chores
My children have had a bit of a free ride since school started. We had so many changes that we focused more on surviving the day to day chaos. That in turn, just created more chaos. Starting today, we are getting back on track. After all, I am training my children to become adults, not to be children for the rest of their lives! Its time they start doing more.

Menu Planning
This is another area that I have let slip in recent months. Our food budget and my sanity do so much better when there is a plan. I am even thinking of joining the pantry challenge at Good Cheap Eats.

Weight Loss
That is another area where I need to commit some changes. I weighed myself this morning and I am heavier than this time last year. Hubby and I are going to start watching our portions, I am going to try and give up soda (my vice!) and work out regularly. On of my goals is to walk/run 400 miles this year. That is just a slightly more than a mile a day! Definitely doable.

So what are you working on for the new year?